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Our principal business is designing, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales and services of GEHO® piston and piston diaphragm pumps, Warman® Q-Series axial flow pumps and Enduron® high pressure grinding rolls.
We also act as a distributor for the high-pressure Roto-Jet® pumps (in Europe and the Middle and Far East).

GEHO® PD slurry pumps
GEHO® piston pumps and piston diaphragm pumps are manufactured for slurries
and pastes in the mining and minerals processing industry, pipeline industry, power industry and sewage and waste treatment. These pumps handle abrasive, viscous and corrosive slurries and pastes with high temperatures, up to 90% solids content and up to 100 mm particle size.

GEHO® PD pumps are applied for:
• ore pipeline transport
• tailings disposal
• autoclave or digester process feed
• reactor feed
• mine dewatering
• hydraulic ore hoisting
• mine tailings backfill
• ash disposal
• coal or biomass gasifier feed

Warman® Q-Series axial flow pumps
Warman® Q-Series axial flow pumps are designed for continuous circulation of corrosive and/or abrasive fluids or process wastes.
These pumps are applied in the:
• salt and potash industry
• chemical industry
• pulp and paper industry
• water treatment
• power industry
• regeneration plants
• sugar industry
• general industry

Enduron® High Pressure Grinding Rolls
We manufacture High Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGR) for ore crushing and grinding in the mining and minerals industry. The HPGR consist of two rolls of identical dimension, that rotate against each other at the same circumferential speed. The main grinding action is a result of inter particle crushing. Extreme pressure causes the particles inside the compacted material bed to fracture into finer particles and also causes micro fracturing at the grain size level.

• iron ore, coarse and fine grinding, including pellets
• secondary/tertiary grinding: phosphate, gold,copper, nickel, lead, zinc,  chromite,
platinum, vanadium and molybdenum
• diamonds – selective liberation (lamproite, kimberlite)
• pebble crushing


With packaged solutions from Weir Minerals, you can be assured of engineering excellence at all times.

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