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When it was founded in 1949  the HOLLAND PUMP GROUP was meant to represent only companies that produced fluid pumps in The Netherlands. Since 2001 membership is also open to Dutch sales and service companies owned by foreign pump manufacturers which are – in their countries of origin – members of member associations of the European sector organisation Europump.

For (potential) clients and users the HOLLAND PUMP GROUP is a channel to find their way in the wide variety of products that the industry in The Netherlands has to offer. For others who are interested in the pump industry in general it is a contact point and information centre.

For the executives of the member companies themselves it is a highly appreciated platform to discuss informally market developments and other subjects of common interest.

The HOLLAND PUMP GROUP can also play a role in collective export promotion.

Furthermore the HOLLAND PUMP GROUP also promotes the interests of the industry in Europe and the world via Europump and the members are intitled to receive all information of Europump.

The HOLLAND PUMP GROUP  is one of the 105 sector organisations of the FME-CWM. This association promotes the interests of 2.400 enterprises in the mechanical, metalworking, plastics, electronic and electrical engineering industries and allied sectors, with a total of 225.000 employees in The Netherlands. The HOLLAND PUMP GROUP can use the services and information of the specialists of this organisation. If vital interests are at stake this powerful organisation can give its support to the pump industry. However, non FME-CWM members can also become members of the HOLLAND PUMP GROUP, provided that they fulfil the other requirements for membership.