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Welcome to the website of the HOLLAND PUMP GROUP. Since 1949 the ‘Holland Pomp Groep’, as we call it in Dutch (abbreviated to HPG), is the Dutch association representing manufacturers of fluid pumps.

Members of the HOLLAND PUMP GROUP provide solutions for practically every problem to do with moving fluids or slurries. They are able to develop and produce state-of-the-art pumps, which meet very specific requirements, and in many varieties depending on the clients’ specifications.
We are the central platform for our industry. Most European pump industries active in The Netherlands are members of our association.

With this site we intend to create an extra means of communication between our industry and those who are¬†interested in it, first of all our clients and (possible) users all over the world. Here you’ll find the names, addresses and specialisations of our members, including links to their own company websites.

Pumps play a vital role in modern society. Unfortunately the general public doesn’t realise this because most pumps are hidden and they are extremely reliable. This is an extra reason for the existence of an association that is representing the sector.

Another function of this website is to provide our own members with information about the association. Therefore part of the information is given in the ‘members only’ part.

We do not pretend to answer here all possible questions. If you still have any questions after consulting this site our secretariat will be happy to help you.